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Boundaries Are Necessary with the Spirit World

Spirit is all around us!

As a medium, I am able to perceive and interact with the other side – the Spirit World. It is something I love to do.

Having this ability is very exciting and I cherish it every day. It is naturally exciting to be constantly surrounded by Spirits that can’t wait to communicate! Spirit World is one of intelligence, power, love, and healing. I use the phrase “Love and Light” constantly.

Spirit loves to awaken me from slumber and visit me in the bedroom or when I am at a restaurant! Spirit, being an intelligent energy, continues to push to connect with me. They may have a message and my boundaries do not always hold up. Sometimes Spirit is persistent and I can’t help myself! I may be sitting down in a restaurant with some friends and Spirit tries to connect with me. They have a message. It may be with someone sitting with me or a stranger from the next table. Sometimes it is not appropriate to approach a stranger with a message from one of their loved ones who have passed.

Like most things in life, there is a time and place for this interaction with the Spirit World. As I continue to hone my ability as a communicator with Spirit, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on my own world. It’s important to learn and practice having boundaries, which can be created and strengthened.

Every day I practice sitting in the power. I am trying to strengthen my own aura as this will help me communicate with Spirit but also helps me stay in my own world when it is appropriate.