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Evidential Mediumship

PLEASE NOTE: My readings are done via ZOOM or on the phone. For these readings, please schedule on the website through Schedulicity.

Evidential Medium Reading is bridging two worlds as we communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. Together with their Spirit, we validate that our loved ones are indeed on the other side and are still sending love and supporting us. This is a beautiful and healing experience.

As a medium, I act as a vessel through which the Spirit communicates. Spirits will provide evidence that they are indeed always with us. This may be a memory or an image, for example. As a medium, I become attuned to the Spirit world and raise my vibration level. This helps to blend better with those who have passed on. Many times, loved ones who have passed on send messages of love and hope and sometimes help us see things through a different lens. This may then help with relationships and perhaps guide some of our decision making. A medium reading can also help with the grieving process. Often, a loved one who has passed on sends signs and signals that someone who does not have an open mind may miss.

Connecting to your loved one through an evidential medium may ease your pain, give you hope, and help you heal. Schedule a reading today.


  • 30 minute Reading – $95
  • 1 hour reading – $175
Connect with the Spirit of a Loved One - Evidential Medium Reading | Lisa Raine on Evidential Mediumship