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Psychic Readings

PLEASE NOTE: My readings are done via ZOOM or on the phone. For these readings, please schedule on the website through Schedulicity.

During a psychic reading, I use my intuition to read your energy and vibration level to help provide some insight as to what’s happening in your life. Each and every one of us has an aura and, with the help of Spirit Guides, we can tap into that energy field. This helps us see things in a different way. 

I act as a vessel for the Spirit to communicate through, during a psychic reading. The information provided can help you think about your life in different ways. This can help bring some clarity to your questions and can help guide you. A psychic will never tell a person what decision to make and predictions can lead to some murkiness. Rather, we engage abilities like clairvoyance, which uses intuition to observe things that are not discernible to most people.

For genuine insights, schedule a reading today or contact Lisa with questions.


  • 30 minute Reading – $95
  • 1 hour reading – $175
Psychic Reading