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Psychic and Evidential Medium – Combination Readings

PLEASE NOTE: My readings are done via ZOOM or on the phone. For these readings, please schedule on the website through Schedulicity.

Often a client wants to schedule a psychic reading, make a connection Spirit, and discuss many facets of their lives both in the past, present and perhaps the journey into the future of their life cycle. Psychic energy is living energy. I read the aura of my client, using Oracle cards and psychometry for example a photograph or piece of jewelry. Other times together, we shift awareness and lift the veil between two worlds, validating evidence that our loved ones are always with us, and we are never truly alone. Medium readings are very emotional and healing.

I am now offering to combine the two readings into a one-hour session. It can be very uplifting as we explore your journey and a strong blend with loved ones who have passed only strengthens our link. This type of reading truly captures the essence of Spirit providing reassurance of life’s choices using evidence and validation from Spirit. Within our session Spirit will guide us and there is no telling or predicting how much time is spent on each type of reading. In many ways they are more powerful together! Psychometry, remote viewing, and Oracle cards can make this a more dynamic reading!

The combination readings are one hour, and the fee is $175.