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Animal Communication

PLEASE NOTE: My readings are done via ZOOM or on the phone. For these readings, please schedule on the website through Schedulicity.

As an avid lover of dogs, I realized early on in life that animals are as much a part of family as any person. We develop a special bond with our pets and there is nothing that can truly heal the loss of our furry friends. They cross the Rainbow Bridge and we have to find a way to cope with the overwhelming sadness we feel. This is where an animal communicator can help to connect with our beloved pets that have crossed over. We communicate with them in the same manner as with a human spirit. They come here for a purpose and even though it may be for a short time, they come here to learn as we do. These pets will find us as much as we find them. It is a beautiful reciprocal relationship. 

I am also able to communicate with pets that are still with us that may have some behavioral or situational problems. Many owners notice that a pet may be picking up their own mannerisms! Some pets are social and some are more private, and they tend to pick one person to blend with in the family. When this is pointed out and we communicate with the pet, it is sometimes incredible how much you may be alike. Sometimes there are no problems or worries, and animal communication is just plain fun to get a glimpse into your pet’s mind, emotions, and spirit. I would need a picture of them and their name prior to the session so I can blend with them more effectively.

As an animal communicator, I can also try to help you find a missing pet. I do this through finding the reason the pet became lost or left home, and try to see what the animal is seeing through its perspective. Sometimes the pet will be too afraid to share information, in which case it may take some time to establish communication.

How to Prepare for your Animal Communication Reading 

If the reading is for your live pet, please send a photo of your pet in advance via email at for the reading please include the name, age, breed and behavior problem or any pertinent information. 

I work on connecting with your pet before meeting you. Photos of a close-up of your animal’s eyes are particularly helpful.

The same preparation applies if your pet has passed, I’ll connect with your pet prior to meeting with you and will still need the same information – name and breed.

Heavenly Soul and Spirit offers three options for readings in Animal Communication. Lisa’s love of animals combined with her spiritual abilities, give her a strong connection to pets and animals. Pets are loving companions and when they are sad or misbehaving, when they have crossed the rainbow bridge, or when they are lost, Lisa can connect you with them.

Types of readings and rates:

Living Pet Reading

For pets that are living however there isn’t a harmonious atmosphere, you’d like information about your pets’ feelings, behavior, and general happiness.  Lisa can work with photos, intuition, and feelings between the pet owner, and your pet. In advance of the reading, we need a photo of your pet (preferably showing its eyes,) its age, and name.

Questions you may wish to ask:

  • Why does my dog bark constantly? 
  • Is my pet happy with its life?
  • Why does my pet appear angry?

30 minutes – $95.
1 hour – $175.

Pet spirit

When you lose a pet, the loss can be overwhelming. Are you missing your sweet pet? Do you want to know if they are happy in heaven?  Lisa can help you connect with Fido or Fifi on the other side!

Questions you may wish to ask:

  • Is there anything my pet would like me to know?
  • How is my pet doing in Heaven?
  • Does she miss me?

30 minutes – $95.
1 hour – $175.

Make an appointment online or contact Lisa for more information on animal communication.

Animal Communication