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In-Person Readings

I am now offering in-person readings by appointment only at a Wellness Center in Menomonee Falls. In-person readings are an hour in length and $225; for two clients per session, the fee is $250. I can do evidential mediumship and psychic readings as well as spiritual assessment. You may also choose a combination of a psychic and evidential medium reading for an hour as well. Clients are encouraged to bring a picture or object that has a deep meaning to your loved one. This is called psychometry and will strengthen the link with Spirit. 

If interested, please reach out to me by email, text, or phone call. In-person reading appointments may not be made online, only through directly contacting me – call, text, or email at 414-803-6598, Full location details will be supplied after the session is scheduled. Payment is processed 24-48 hours prior to session.