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Defining the Clair Senses in Mediumship

Defining the Clair Senses in MediumshipWhat is meant by clair senses? The clair (from the French word clear) senses of mediumship correspond with the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. A sixth clair encompasses knowing something intuitively. When communicating with the spirit, a medium can be in tune with thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, tastes, and smells. Some clairs are more dominant in communication than others. Let me explain what they are.


Clairvoyance means clear seeing or clear vision. Images are impressed upon the mind of the medium by thoughts of the communicating spirit, which are then relayed to the recipient as evidential information. This can include images of people known to the recipient as they were at the time of passing, of important shared memories, of things they owned together, or trips they took together. It is a memory of what they have shared together. So these visions, which appear in a medium’s mind, are classified as clairvoyance. Some mediums have the ability to see images externally, which is known as objective clairvoyance.


Clairaudience means clear hearing. The medium hears words or sentences in their mind, which they then communicate to the recipient as evidential information. The medium may be aware of different aspects of the voice such as accent, masculine or feminine tones, hesitancy or confidence, or even a foreign language. Some mediums have the ability to hear words externally, known as objective clairaudience.


Clairsentience means clear feeling. How the medium receives this kind of information is through their own sensitivity and feelings. Clairsentience is often misrepresented, for example, when a medium says, “I feel this man is wearing a brown suit.” If the medium is questioned on how they actually received the information about the suit, they should be able to say if they saw the man in the suit, were told about the suit, or did they just know the suit was brown.

Clairsentience can be an emotional feeling such as love or sadness and can be a way the feeling is expressed by the spirit and felt by the medium, then delivered as evidence to the recipient.


Clairgustance, (gustance coming from the French meaning sense of taste) means clear tasting. The spirit may express certain foods or drinks, which were especially important to them when they were alive or from their love of baking or cooking. Their memories of these sensations come across so strongly, it is impressed upon the medium’s own sense of taste.


Clairolfactriance means clear smelling. The communicator may express certain memories, which were important from events in their earth life, such as certain perfume or cookies just out of the oven. They might have been smokers or liked to drink alcohol. Their memories of these smells again come across very strongly impressing upon the medium’s own sense of smell.


Claircognizance means clear knowing. It’s knowing something instinctively, intuitively, and without solely relying on the five physical senses. The medium becomes very aware that they know the information.

These clairs – seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling, tasting, knowing – are the senses by which mediums receive information from the spirit world. By blending their mind and energy with a spirit person, a medium can interpret and communicate this energy to the sitter. Some clairs are more dominant in an individual than others and not every medium will be capable of all of them.