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Individual Group Readings, and Gallery Readings

Lisa loves sharing her ability within a group reading of friends, co-workers, or family.  A group reading can be a fun and entertaining gathering with friends. It can also be a family get-together to reach out to a loved one who has passed and you want to make a connection to know spirit is with you.

We offer a few options or we can tailor a special reading for your group:

1)  Group Reading 

A group reading is limited to six people. This small group setting allows each individual time for each person. By participating in this group reading, you will hear other people’s loving messages as well as get your healing message from Spirit. The session is held in a cozy, warm intimate atmosphere. This is created to have shared experience and typically runs up to 2 hours. Each member will receive a message from loved ones who have passed on as they make themselves known to Lisa through a link with Spirit World. This connection is beautiful, loving, healing, and emotional. You are among friends and family and Lisa is very sensitive to other people’s feelings. Lisa makes every effort to divide time but each connection is unique and some spirits have more to say than others! Lisa supplies pens and pads in case someone would like to take notes. Water is served and please arrive 15 minutes early. Late arrivals may interrupt Lisa’s connection and may decrease the total time available. Try to arrive relaxed and stress-free if possible.

Limited to 6 people at $375

2-hour session

This could be conducted at a participant’s home pending the travel distance for Lisa Raine

2)  Gallery Readings

Lisa Raine will be planning Gallery Readings for larger groups of people in 2023.  These will be public events at a hotel or conference center. If you are an event planner for an association or business, you may also engage with Lisa for a fun and entertaining business event. We are open to ideas for your employees and customers or wedding and baby showers, luncheons or dinner parties, and more.

$35-$45 per person depending on the length of the event.  (Range 18 to 70 people). A deposit is required for scheduling a Gallery Reading to fully reserve a date.  Please email or call for more details.

(Please note with a larger gathering, not everyone is guaranteed a message. Spirit directs me as to where the messages are to go.  Often messages will resonate with guests in some way and will give you a knowing that this message belongs to you as well.)

How to Reserve Your Group Reading or Gallery Reading 

Contact Lisa via email at to reserve a date and provide your event details.  Please include your name, email and phone number.  A deposit will be required to fully reserve.

DEPOSIT INFORMATION:   A deposit for Group Reading Gathering is required within seven days after reserving the date.  Remaining payment of sessions will be due the day of the reading.  The deposit will be returned to you (for Group Reading Gathering) if all guests are present; otherwise, it can be applied toward the host’s session fee if the number of people decreases.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   The event an only be cancelled or rescheduled up to 14 days PRIOR to the date in order to receive a refund.  If cancelled within 8 to 13 days of the event date, the deposit is not returnable. The event can be rescheduled or the deposit fee can be put towards a 45 or 60-minute individual reading.