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Practice Living in the Moment

When Rhonda Byrne wrote “The Greatest Secret,” she expounded on how people need to understand their untapped powers – their journey into a spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist. That comes from living in the moment.

But as humans we are programmed to think about things on multilevels. The “monkey mind” gets us every time. What do I mean by monkey mind? According to Buddhist principles, the “monkey mind” is a term that refers to being unsettled, restless, or confused. This results in not achieving true potential.

As a medium, I believe like Rhonda, the secret to life is to just be – live in the moment, don’t think about your fears or stresses. Be positive and you will see how the universe reacts to you. The law of attraction states that if you focus on negative thoughts and bad outcomes, then you will attract them. But if you are living a life of “high vibration” where you are more confident and in a state of positivity, it will come back to you a hundred percent.

Focus on gratitude and abundance. Train your brain to see the positive in every situation. This will allow you to experience growth and move towards happiness.

In other words, you let go of the fear and the negativity that is holding you back. Your dreams and potential are waiting for you.