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My Path to Evidential Mediumship

It is very exciting to discuss my journey to become an evidential medium, my ability to interact with the Spirit World.

When I conduct a reading with those who have lost a loved one, when I can communicate to them something from the Spirit World, it is not something I take lightly. There is great responsibility that goes along with this.

Being a medium, or a communicator with the Spirit World, is an ability passed down through blood lines. For me it was my mother and grandmother who had spiritual abilities. As a child, I had an awareness of this ability, but as I got older, I noticed it more and more and began to hone my skills. I became involved in psychic and medium circles. But I still didn’t know where this would lead me.

My grandmother Ruth was an intricate part of my life and meant the world to me. When she became very ill and did not have much time left, I would sit in the ICU and hold her hand and sing to her. One night, she came to visit me in a dream. She told me she was ready to move on to the Spirit World. I was in tears and got to the hospital as fast as I could. The doctors told me she did not have long. Sadly, I already knew that. I held my grandmother’s hand and was with her as she passed into the Spirit World. Although I was distraught at her passing, I knew she was going to be with me for the rest of my life. I would never be alone.

By chance or by the divine, I met my future husband two weeks later. I knew my Grandmother Ruth had a role from “beyond the veil” (crossing into the Spirit World.) When I became pregnant with my daughter, I bought pink stuffed animals and pink baby booties. My husband was always in disbelief that I was so confident I was having a girl! He didn’t yet understand that it was no coincidence but part of my ability. I knew I was having a little girl. And I already knew we were going to name her after my Grandmother Ruth.

As I was still finding myself, I started actively seeking my path and the meaning to my own life. I started to expand my knowledge base, enrolling in classes teaching animal communication. I trained with Arthur Findlay College, the most prestigious spiritual institutions in the world, and I trained and practiced over Zoom with other mediums from all around the world.

Each day I would “sit in the power,” which means I focused on improving my spiritual energy and learned to attune myself to the Spirit World. Like an athlete or musician, I trained to better my abilities. The Spirit World uses the medium’s aura (energy field) as a vehicle to make a connection. The stronger my energy field could become, the better I could maintain a link and receive accurate evidence from the Spirit World.

I ask for no information from the sitter (the person who is receiving the reading) about a loved one that has passed. As I blend with Spirit, I receive information. Sometimes it is a memory or a feeling. Perhaps an article of clothing the person was known to wear. Even a scent or emotion. This provides evidence for the sitter. It is information I would not be able to ascertain without being told. This helps the sitter understand they are not alone. A medium reading is one of love and healing. It is comforting to someone to know their loved one is with them. Yes, many times the sitter will become emotional and cry, but it is normally because they received evidence their loved one is with them.

Each day I sit in the power and strengthen my bond with the Spirit World. This helps make my blending stronger and increases my ability to communicate through the veil of our world and that of the Spirit World. The stronger my energy field is, the closer I am to the Spirit World and the greater body of evidence I can bring. While it may be sad in the moment, being able to bring a loved one through that veil is a healing process for the sitter.

In closing, all communication I provide as an evidential medium is uplifting. My attitude reflects that positivity. As a medium, through Love and Light, I am providing healing to those that are grieving. Although mediums cannot cure sadness and cannot bring anyone back, we can provide evidence that a person’s loved one is with them and that they are never alone.

As a person leaves this world and crosses the veil into the Spirit World, I know they are never really leaving. I help people realize their loved ones are with them and that ultimately brings an inner peace. This is the purpose of an evidential medium reading.