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Psychic Reading? Medium Reading? Where Does the Information Come From?

Connect with the Spirit of a Loved One - Evidential Medium Reading | Lisa Raine on Evidential Mediumship“The Doorway to the Spirit World.” — I really like that statement. It means a lot to me. As mediumship is unique to each person, when I connect to the Spirit World, I truly feel their essence, their legacy and their intelligence. I might see a vision such as what they looked like, jewelry they may have worn, a favorite place, an aroma, a memory shared with the sitter, geographic area, profession, and a heartfelt message from them to my sitter. This deepens the evidence to bridge the gap between two worlds.

When mediums convey the essence, the Spirit, of the communicator, and feelings or emotions connected to evidential facts, they establish their identity with wholeness adding depth and warmth to the communication. This helps make the Spirit real for the sitter and can provide reassurance that the loved one who passed on is always with them.

Information that comes from the Spirit World is intelligent and emotional. As a medium, I recognize this source. This link with Spirit World helps give us evidence of the life they lived and therefore it normally has emotions and feelings.

During a Psychic Reading… 

As psychics, we attune to the sitter during a psychic reading. We are aware that the information is coming from the person in front of us and from their energy. We are reading their living energy, which is in their auric field. Therefore, this does not usually have emotions. During a psychic, or intuitive reading, we are aware of the sitter’s personality, likes and dislikes, reason for coming, and information about their past and present, all of which can aid the psychic so that the sitter trusts them in their abilities.

In my readings, I refer to this as breaking the ice to build trust. We talk about their achievements, hopes, dreams and aspirations. It is a living energy that oscillates between the sitter and the psychic. During the course of the reading, we discuss difficulties that may be influencing or blocking their lives such as related to a job, relationship or other situation. I also interpret colors that I see as well as help facilitate moving beyond some of their personal roadblocks. I help guide but never make decisions. Ultimately, personal responsibility is placed upon the sitter. With this knowledge, I can understand information coming from the sitter as opposed to the Spirit World.

With a psychic reading, information is without emotion. It comes from the sitter and as I train my sensitivities, I see more clearly their past events, life situations and have an awareness about them. As psychics, we perceive all levels of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual awareness coming from the sitter.