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Your Pet and the Afterlife…

Sudden pet deathWe love our pets and sometimes they are taken from us too quickly. We suffer from the loss of an animal we loved deeply and likewise provided us with unconditional love.

Many take comfort in thinking their pets have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and pet and human will be reunited some day.

As a pet transitions from the physical, they have spiritual energy, very similar to human spirits. As an evidential medium, I can communicate with them in the same manner as with a human spirit.

They come here for a purpose and even though it may be for a short time, they come here to learn as we do. These pets will find us as much as we find them. It is a beautiful reciprocal relationship.

A medium reading is one of love and healing. It is comforting to someone to know their beloved animal is not in pain, is at peace, and is still loving you from the other side.

The communication I provide as an evidential medium is uplifting. My attitude reflects that positivity. Through Love and Light, I try to play a small role in someone’s grieving. Through me, you can connect with your pet, understand their experiences in the afterlife, and receive comfort and closure. I can’t bring your pet back, but through mediumship, I can help you move forward in your healing journey.